Helping Your Children Through Equity Release

At Resolve, we look to help all of our clients and their families even when their children have grown up and flown the nest.  

An older couple who had been retired for a while were very comfortable, travelling, spending time with their grandchildren and set on staying in their property for the rest of their lives. 

The couple had a son who had unfortunately run up debt through gambling and they wanted to help him to purchase a flat and provide him with some security. 

We were able to raise £300,000 via equity release to purchase the flat he was renting outright. The rate that we managed to find for the couple was 5.46%. 

Finding the equity release option for this couple has allowed them to continue with their nice lifestyle and help their son without it impacting on their plans within retirement. 

The clients decided to not pay off any of the interest.

Resolve Financial Solutions explore all of the options available to you in order to find the perfect solution to suit your needs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Please note: This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

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