Looking back on 2020 and forward to 2021

We caught up with the Founders of Resolve Financial Solutions, Stuart Belcher and Chris Lees to reflect on 2020 and find out what we should look out for in 2021…

First from the investments side of the business, Stuart explains how clients have taken more control in 2020, “With all of the uncertainty of 2020 it has been great to see both existing and new clients want to take more control of their finances. 

I feel that people have either had the time because of working from home or the uncertainty of the year has pushed them to review finances and really plan ahead for the future.

Investment markets have had an unprecedented year, sharp falls and sharp rises. I have felt more like a counsellor this year giving reassurance over what, how and why we have put certain client building blocks in place.

We have seen a big surge in clients moving into Sustainable Investments. The good news stories and positive outlook of these investment markets have been a real highlight of this year especially being early adopters. I would expect this to continue to be a big area of growth in 2021.

Markets move, economies change and that will always continue. What doesn’t change is setting a structured financial plan that rides out all of the waves and meets clients individual goals, buying a house, having kids, saving for and enjoying retirement. Thankfully we will be helping more clients continue to meet these dreams throughout 2021.”

When talking to Chris on the mortgage side of the business he has said that 2020 presented a series of challenges, “the mortgage business and the mortgage market, in general, has faced a series of challenges like all businesses have in 2020, from the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on customer confidence through to logistical challenges faced by lenders, valuers, and solicitors in delivering normal service levels. This in turn has impacted our ability as a broker to deliver the level of service we normally would.

That being said the industry has shown a great amount of resilience and positivity in trying to implement solutions to achieve ‘business as usual’. 

I think 2021 will continue to provide challenges, not just related to the pandemic but also Brexit. I believe that overall confidence will return and while transaction levels may not be at normal levels again next year, they will be sufficient to achieve an ongoing ‘bounce back’.”

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