Mortgage & Protection Planning Fees

Our Fees

We want to be upfront and transparent about our charging structure and have disclosed our fees online. This doesn’t happen enough in our industry and we hope this adds to our clients’ trust in us. Our initial advice, implementation and ongoing charges are detailed on our fee menus. Fees will depend on the complexity of your situation which reflects the time taken in producing and managing your financial wellbeing. If you decide to work with us a fee is payable for our services. Full details are available in our Proposition Brochures.

To ensure total transparency we want you to understand what you are paying for our service.

Initial Meeting

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. We discuss your needs and personal circumstances and specifically what you need from a mortgage or protection products. You will receive a thorough explanation of what we can do for you and any costs involved.

This initial meeting is a free consultation and we will not charge you.


Option 1: combination of Commission and fee

Our Fee
£499 is payable for arranging your mortgage on production of a mortgage offer from the selected provider.

  • £99 on application.
  • £400 on offer.

If after conducting research and the most appropriate rate is with your existing lender then a reduced fee of £299 is payable.

  • £99 on application.
  • £200 on offer.

Our Commission
For arranging a mortgage,
we receive a commission from the lender. You will receive a European Standardised Information Sheet when considering a particular mortgage which will tell you about any fees relating to it.

Option 2: Paying by fee

Our Fee
£2,999 is payable for arranging your mortgage

Any commission received from the lender will be refunded or offset against your fee.

We may receive commission from the mortgage lender in addition to the fee we have charged you; this will be disclosed on the European Standardised Information Sheet relating to your chosen mortgage.

Example: You are buying a new house and need a new mortgage for £950,000. You chose to pay by fee.

Fee Paid by you: £2,999

Commission paid by the lender: £3,325
Total Refunded to you: £326


Option 1: Commission

For arranging an insurance contract, we get paid a commission from the provider.

Although you may pay nothing to us upfront this does not mean our service is free. You still pay us indirectly through deductions from the amount you pay for your insurance. Commission figures are detailed on your personal Illustration.

Option 2: Paying by fee

Our Fee
£2,000 is payable for arranging your insurance.

We would receive no commission from the provider which may help reduce your monthly premium.

Fee Examples

We arrange a Life and Critical Illness Policy to protect your family for £250,000 over 20 years and a £3,500/mth Income Protection Policy over 20 years. You are 35 years old. The monthly premium is £108 a month.

You choose Fee Option 1.

Commission paid by the provider: £2,445 which would be averaged to £50.94 a month for 4 years.

We arrange a Life Policy for £1,000,000 and Critical Illness policy for £500,000 over 25 years. You are 35 years old.

You choose fee Option 2.

Fee Paid by you: £2,000
Monthly Premium Reduced from £193 to £150

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