How cash flow planning helps you make better decisions

No doubt you dream of having financial peace of mind, however, even if you have everything planned out, unexpected circumstances can occur. We will share with you how cash flow planning can help you make better decisions around your finances.

Cash flow models are simply a tool your financial planner can use to provide you with helpful information so you can plan out your finances. We help our clients with cash flow planning by using dedicated software that inputs your income and assets over a period of time. This then calculates and forecasts your future financial situation. We then offer useful suggestions that can help you build a solid idea of your own finances.

Cash flow planning doesn’t just inform you of any potential sources of income or expenses, it also takes your financial objectives and needs into account. Factors such as retirement plans, travel goals, or family needs can be considered.

We then use all of this information to form a strategy to figure out how best to reach these goals and efficiently work towards them without damaging your short- or long-term financial prospects. This gives you a guide for reaching your goals and how much money you will have leftover afterwards so that you can live the life of your dreams.

When is cash flow planning a good idea?

A cash flow plan is especially good during times of high inflation and market uncertainty as it will also take factors such as inflation, mortgage rates and investment returns into account. That way you will have a projection of your financial situation, even for the worst-case scenario.

Three fantastic benefits of using a cash flow plan:

  • They are great for helping you meet your financial objectives
  • They incorporate many unexpected ‘what if’ scenarios
  • A cash flow plan can help you plan your retirement

Creating a cash flow plan for you

Cash flow planning can be immensely useful for achieving financial peace of mind, especially when you work with us so we can create you a personalised plan for the future.

If you would like to speak to us about creating a cash flow plan for you, please get in touch or call 01932 943028.

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