Financial games to play with your children

As we are all back juggling working with homeschooling and keeping sane, we thought it would be fun to provide you some games that you can play with your children this week – financial games obviously! 

We believe you are never too young to start thinking about looking after your money so we thought we would share some ideas that incorporate teaching your children about money while hopefully having some fun at the same time.

We have three games for you to try:

  1. Name that coin
  2. Shop Shop
  3. Sudoku with coins

Name that coin

For this game, you need to find a wooly hat (which should be easy at this time of year) and place a variety of coins into the hat. Your child will need to simply pull out a coin and name it. For example, a one-pound coin or 10-pence coin. Once they have taken all the coins from the hat, sort the coins into groups and then order the coins from the smallest value to the largest value.

Shop Shop

Choose some items around the home and label them up with a price, detailing how much it would be to buy that item. Give each child some coins and they have to pick items they would like to buy. Throughout this financial game they will learn how to budget, for example, do they have enough money for all the items they want to purchase. They will then need to add up the total of the shopping and work out any change that they should be given from you the shopkeeper.

Sudoku with coins

Yes you read that correctly and to make it even easier for you, we have a download for you to print out and play with your children.

We hope that the above games have brought some light relief to your homeschooling day and if you have any questions regarding financial advice then please get in touch.

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