Have you thought about your digital legacy?

We read a very interesting article this week about digital legacy. We thought we would provide you with more information around this subject.

What is digital legacy?

Back in the day, when you died, your family and loved ones usually knew where your important documents were kept e.g contracts, certificates of ownership etc. Nowadays, our lives are very much online and in the cloud. It can therefore be difficult to have the right passwords or permissions to access certain materials online once someone has passed away. This is where digital legacy planning comes in.

Online platforms and social media platforms are becoming more aware of digital legacy planning and many now allow you to issue instructions for what should happen in the event of your death. Preservation and deletion of your accounts are available (depending on the platform).

Apple devices

If you use an Apple device then you can choose one or more trusted people to access your account after your death. By naming these people, you generate and share an access key with your nominated contact. After you die, they will need to request access, provide the key you shared and upload your death certificate to access your Apple account. Your legacy contact will then have three years to view photos, messages, notes, files, apps and other data and make a decision about what should happen to the information.

Legacy Image from Apple

Social media platforms

Facebook also allows you to add a legacy contact who can manage your account when you have died. They will however have to make the account memorialised in order to perform any activities. Instagram is slightly different, a request for an account to be memorialised by providing proof of death would need to take place.

Other options

Another option is to leave details of all your digital assets – accounts, usernames, passwords with a trusted friend, family member who can help bring closure or include these details when you write your will.

Digital legacy planning can be difficult but it will make life a little easier for those close to you.

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*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Will Writing.

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