Our Tips To Help Save The Planet

In the run up to COP26 at the end of the month, we wanted to share our ideas of how we are trying to do our bit to save the planet. We caught up with everyone at Resolve Financial Solutions to find out how they have been trying to be more sustainable.

Gina has been cutting her lawn recently with her retro lawnmower and using all the cuttings to feed her pet rabbits.

Chris has been encouraging his daughter Anneka to help out with the weekly recycling.

Laura has recently been foraging in her local forest for apples and blackberries to make pies.

Tracey has been walking her girls home from school instead of driving.

Stuart has been using his electric car to deliver meals to the local community through Cook 4 Care.

Suzanne has been planting vegetables with her daughter.

Iain has been walking to the supermarket instead of driving and using his recycled bags instead of plastic bags.

We are committed to making a positive impact on our clients, our local communities, the environment and wider society.

What are you doing on a daily basis to help save the planet?

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