What To Do If Your Property Has Beetle Attack

If your house is suffering from ‘beetle attack’ then you will need to seek advice from a reputable timber and damp specialist. We spoke with Steven from Stone Survey about what you should do if your property has beetle attack.

A number of types of beetle lay eggs on wood that hatch into grubs which then bore into and feed on the wood. This is commonly known as woodworm. Structural weakening can occur by some beetles. The woodworm can stay in the wood for several years before emerging as adult beetles and leaving characteristic woodworm exit holes. They also then leave “frass” a dust formed of excreted wood. Woodworm can therefore be in the wood and show no discernible evidence. Dampness will encourage infestation but woodworm can occur in wood that is dry.

Image of Beetle Attack

It is generally more of an issue in the older properties. For a small fee you could ask a reputable timber and damp specialist to check the property for wood worm and if needed give you a quote to treat.

In some cases this only be a few hundred pounds and in the event that a buyers surveyors queries the presence of word worm and even if they see none, they may still say something along the lines of:

“no woodworm was found but that they expect there will be some in a property of a certain age etc”,

You can simply produce your warranty saying that this issue is no longer an issue as you have had treatments carried out.

There is so much more to say on wood worm and other beetle infestations. I will cover this in more detail in future articles.

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