How often do you refer a friend to a business or service?

How often do you refer a friend to a business or service you have used?

More importantly, have you ever regretted referring a friend to someone?

I sincerely hope that the above is not a question that any of our clients would answer ‘Yes’ to. But realistically, its only right to ask ourselves whether or not we have treated every referral we have received in the past with the importance that it deserves. I would hope so.

As a business we genuinely appreciate every referral we receive, whether the conversation comes to something or not. I would hope that anyone that has ever spoken with one of us has at least got something helpful from it and felt as though they and their circumstances have been treated with respect.

The other day though I read that although many clients of financial services companies are often happy to refer their friends or family to an adviser that has helped them, many do not even know that they can do this.

This surprised me and got me thinking.

Refer a Friend

Are we telling our clients that they can refer a friend? I would hope so but we are only human and being caught up in trying to provide the best, most efficient service to them we may have forgotten.

If they have been satisfied with the service and advice we have given them, are we asking them if there is anyone they can think of that could benefit from speaking to us? We love feedback, both positive and negative. If we could have done something better then please tell us in person, via the telephone or via email to info@resolvefs.co.uk.

Are we making it easy for them to introduce us to the people they think we can help? Yes we have business cards and yes there is social media, but these days we find an introductory email between the person you think we can help and the advisor you think can help is probably the best way to make the introduction. Its private, its personal and it lets us initially ‘meet’ them in a relaxed way.

Are they worried that if they do refer a friend to us that the service they receive will be affected or their information would be shared? Definitely not!

Apart from themselves, do our clients know who we can help? Yes we have a website but does that tell the world that we can help individuals, couples, families, business owners? Does it explain that the couple we have assisted with reviewing their pension could refer their children to us to help buy their first home? In short, if it’s related to finance we may be able to help and if not, may be able to suggest who can.

We love what we do, and the more people that we can help the better which is why we always thank our clients if they refer a friend or family member to us with a £25 voucher. But more than that, we want our clients to be reassured that we do appreciate every referral and will always aim to show them why you referred us to help. Get in contact for more details.


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