Women In Business: Lizzie Smith

February sees the second of our ‘Women In Business’ series, focusing on Lizzie Smith, an online hypnotherapist who helps clients with fears, phobias, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD as well as stop smoking, mindful eating, alcohol control and bereavement support.

Lizzie Smith began her business “Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy” after realising how hypnosis can make positive changes to people’s lives and improving their wellbeing. During the lockdown, the need for this support became more apparent and she began offering online hypnotherapy sessions to help improve people’s mental health.

Running her own hypnotherapy business wasn’t what Lizzie thought she would end up doing, “I never imagined I would be running my own business or working as a hypnotherapist. Seeking therapy when I first started my career was not as common as it is now. Thankfully this has changed and people are much more aware of the importance of their mental health and are reaching out to find lasting solutions for their problems.”

Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy

It has become apparent after speaking with a selection of Women In Business, that we all face barriers in our careers and it is important to speak about these. Lizzie did not do very well academically at school and therefore didn’t imagine that she would be able to study and pass exams later in life. “Choosing to go down the holistic health route opened up so many opportunities for me. I realised I had a connection with people, I was drawn to helping others and realised, despite my fears, that I could dig deep and find the confidence to train, gain qualifications, and I did!”  Throughout the years, Lizzie has drawn inspiration from other women in business and more recently she has been inspired by her daughter:

My daughter, at 29 left a well-paid job in the city to follow her dream of being a police officer. She felt that she wanted to do something more vocational, so she trained and studied and is now a detective. Her job is incredibly challenging and she is excellent at what she does. And most importantly, she loves her career. She is a true inspiration to me.”

We were interested in learning more about hypnotherapy from Lizzie, as there has been an element of scepticism around this therapy over the years. “People confuse hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis which has nothing to do with clinical hypnotherapy. So getting past those preconceived ideas can sometimes be challenging. Fear is often the underlying cause of a refusal to try something like hypnotherapy – a fear of being controlled – which of course cannot happen. The good news is that the most sceptical and critical are often the biggest converts!

Encouraging Other Women In Business

Reminding others that it is never too late to do something and to be open to changing direction. “My career really didn’t take off until I was 50, so always be open to change. We tend to be our own harshest critics. Our learned behaviours keep us safely in our comfort zone. When we don’t believe we are good enough, we stop ourselves from creating the life we want and moving forward. I would remind others to focus on what is possible for you and create that change.”

“Also, be open to changes in circumstances. I have gone from seeing everyone face-to-face to working online due to the pandemic, and despite my initial reticence, this has opened up so many new possibilities. I am able to see clients from far and wide and support students struggling at University because it is all done remotely now. I had to adapt and I am so glad that I did. I now have clients all over the UK, in Europe and Australia, something I would never have imagined!” 

Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy-3

Top tips for women experiencing stress and anxiety?

When asked what would be her tip for women who may be experiencing stress and anxiety, Lizzie suggested sharing how they feel by talking to a trusted friend or to a health professional is a really great thing to do. This will help them process their thoughts, understand the triggers and help them manage the anxiety.

“Our brains are wired to react to what are perceived as threats quickly, so releasing fear, finding calm and inner peace is something that hypnotherapy can help you with and to build positivity too!”   

Lizzie provides treatments for men, women and children with a range of problems. Women usually contact Lizzie for help with anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and self-esteem, wanting help with losing weight, controlling alcohol, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, eating disorders, habitual behaviours, PTSD and pain management. Hypnotherapy is also extremely effective for building confidence in business and for sporting performance. 

“Hypnotherapy works by accessing the subconscious part of the mind, where all our learned behaviours and habits are, so making positive change works quickly. It’s also incredibly therapeutic, so often clients will book in to relax and re-set and see it as time to prioritise themselves. One client recently told me it felt like a “massage for the brain.”

What is next for Lizzie Smith?

Lizzie finds her work so rewarding so continuing to help her clients is the most important thing to her, “I would say listening to someone telling you their innermost thoughts, fears and problems is a great privilege. To be trusted to hold that space and to help them to find a way forward is extremely rewarding and why I love doing what I do. I enjoy learning so I am always topping up my qualifications in order to help more individuals. I also love writing, so that is something I would like to pursue next.”

If you would like to speak to Lizzie Smith regarding the services she offers, then please get in touch with her via her website.

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