Our Fees

We are upfront and transparent about our charging structure and set out our fees online to ensure our clients’ are fully aware and can trust in us.

Our initial advice, implementation and ongoing charges are detailed on our fee menus. Fees will depend on the complexity of your situation, the amount charged reflects the time taken in producing and managing your financial wellbeing.

To ensure total transparency we want you to understand what you are paying for our service.

Initial Meeting

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. It gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you can think of about the services relevant to you, the benefits you can expect, our qualifications, our process and fees. Most importantly, you need to feel that you can trust us and be confident that our values align with yours.

This initial meeting is at our expense and we do not charge you.

If you decide to work with us a fee is payable for our services. This covers most of our clients but we understand that everyone is different hence why we can offer bespoke planning based on an hourly rate of £185.

Preparation of your financial plan, advice and recommendations

Exploration of personal and financial dreams

Preparation of a lifetime cash flow plan

A discussion and analysis of your risk profile

“What if” scenario planning such as extra expenditure, retiring earlier, downsizing

Recognition of any shortfalls in relation to your financial plan

Review of existing plans analysing cost, performance, risk and features

One-page summary of all finances

A written report in plain English, covering specific advice and recommendations

Initial fee: a minimum fee of £1,850 and a maximum fee of £2,750

Implementation of recommendations

Administration of applications, amending or setting up new plans

Arranging online access to plans where appropriate

Implementation Fee: a minimum fee of £250 and a maximum fee of £1,000

The level of Initial and Implementation fees chargeable are determined by the number of existing policies that need to be researched, analysed and administered. The table below shows how we arrive at fee levels.

Work Involved Initial Fee Implementation Fee
New money (no existing plans to be reviewed)
1 to 3 plans to be reviewed
4 to 6 plans to be reviewed
7 or more plans to be reviewed

Fee Examples

  • Income expected in retirement
  • Inheritance

You are nearing retirement and want to understand when you can retire and how much income you can expect. You have 2 existing Pensions worth £600,000 and £20,000 cash to invest in a new ISA.

Financial plan, advice and recommendations: £2,150
Implementation of new Pension and ISA plan: £500

Total cost: £2,650

This represents 0.43% of the total invested amount

You have inherited £600,000 and wish to plan for the future. You have no existing plans.

Financial plan: £1,850
Implementation of new Pension, ISA and General Investment Plan: £250

Total cost: £2,100

This represents 0.84% of the total invested amount

Ongoing Financial Planning

The key to making sure you are on your path to financial wellbeing is a continual review of your financial plan. The ongoing service includes:

  • Telephone access to your adviser through the year
  • Secure online access to your Investments
  • Updated one-page summary and cash flow models
  • Suitability review assessing original goals and suitability of existing plans held
  • Understand if any changes need to be made to the overall financial plan
  • Utilisation of
  • ISA/Pension allowances etc if needed
  • Liaising with accountant and/or solicitor

Our costs are based on the value of your investments and the service level chosen. The amount of our annual charges may increase as the size of your fund grows.

Advised Portfolio Service – 0.8%

For clients who like their adviser to handle day to day investment preferences and/or have large holdings in general investment accounts. Portfolios are rebalanced every 6 months to both; realign your risk profile and ensure exposure to a CGT liability is reduced. One yearly rebalance will be confirmed via phone or email rather than a face to face meeting.

Managed Portfolio Service – 0.6%

For clients, whose investments automatically rebalance due to investment choice.

For portfolios over £1m we offer a bespoke ongoing charge to be agreed on an individual basis.

Ongoing Fee Examples

  • Advised Portfolio Service
  • Managed Portfolio Service

Your investments are valued at £600,000 and you have an Advised Portfolio Service. At 0.8% the Ongoing Service fee would be £4,800.

Your pension is valued at £450,000 and you have a Managed Portfolio Service. At 0.6% the Ongoing Service fee we would receive is £2,700.

Basic Planning Service

For clients with more simple needs we offer a Basic Planning Service. This is designed to help those wishing to start saving into a Pension/ISA or with funds under £50,000 to invest. This consultation is conducted remotely via phone or Skype. The Basic Planning Service includes:
  • Exploration of personal and financial goals
  • A discussion and analysis of your risk profile
  • Review of one existing plan, analysing cost, performance, risk and features
  • A written report, in plain English, covering specific advice and recommendations
  • Administration of applications and setting up new plans

Cost: £900

Analysis of extra existing plans can be added at a cost of £100 per plan.

Basic Planning Ongoing Service:

For clients with more simple needs we offer a Basic Planning Ongoing Service, that is conducted remotely via phone or Skype. The service includes:

  • Annual review meeting via phone/Skype
  • Suitability review
  • Annual statement of holdings

Cost: £300 per year

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