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Protect your largest financial asset

Protecting what may be your largest financial asset is important. For this reason, we offer an advised service when it comes to buildings and contents insurance. With access to market leading providers, we will ensure you are paying the right price, for the right insurance, that will do what you want it to do, when you need it to.

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What is the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

The difference between buildings and contents insurance is that buildings insurance covers the physical structure of the property including the walls, roof and floors, while contents insurance covers items inside the property, like furniture and freestanding appliances.

Some parts of your property can be difficult to define. Some insurance policies consider fixtures and fittings as buildings (e.g., a fitted kitchen and the bathroom suite), while carpets are usually covered under contents insurance. This is where it can help to speak to us first about these areas and we can check your policy to make sure they are covered. Depending on your policy, external structures like garages and outbuildings may also be covered by your buildings insurance.

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The option of extra cover

Most insurers offer extra cover if you need it, though you will normally have to pay an additional premium. Accidental damage is one of the most popular policy add-ons and you might also want to consider legal expenses cover.

Sometimes it can work out cheaper for you to get both your buildings and contents insurance together from the same company. We often find that it is usually cheaper if you pay annually for your buildings and contents insurance, monthly premiums can cost more.

Allowing us to arrange your buildings and contents insurance, will not only take the stress away from you but it allow us to find the best policy to suit your needs. Building and contents insurance should be enough to replace your home and its contents if they are damaged or destroyed.

If you would like to talk to us to find out the protection policy options available to you, please get in touch today.

We offer an advised service when it comes to buildings and contents insurance .

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