Milestones In Your Life When Financial Advice Can Help

There are many milestones in your life when financial advice could really help you. These events are usually unique for you and can often affect your finances in a significant way.

One important piece of advice we tend to give is that prevention is better than reaction. If you are approaching a milestone in your life, it could be beneficial to discuss this with your financial adviser before it happens, rather than afterwards.

Major milestones in your life

Getting married

If you are planning to get married in the near future, this is very exciting as you will have the opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones and friends. One thing couples don’t consider when getting married is how they might financially benefit from this. Making the most of the marriage allowance can save spouses and civil partners up to £252 a year in tax.

Financial planning as a couple can help you make the most of the various tax allowances available, ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Buying your first home

Buying your first home is another major milestone in your life and is a huge achievement. It can be a very stressful process and working with your financial planner before you begin the home-buying process could help reduce the level of stress.

Starting a business

When you dream of starting your own business, you should consider affordability. If starting a business is a dream you have been working towards, your financial adviser can help you make it a reality. The advice a professional could provide you will help you arrive at this milestone with the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

Starting a family

If you are thinking about starting a family, it could be useful to start preparing for this milestone financially, as well as emotionally. It is a wonderful thing to do however, it an also prove financially stressful if you don’t plan ahead. A Telegraph report from May 2022, revealed that British families pay the highest childcare costs in the developed world.

Your financial adviser can take a look at your financial situation and help you make efficient savings if you are planning to have children soon. We can help you do this and also provide you with solutions of how to build up a nest egg that can boost their own financial independence when they reach adulthood.


Retirement is one of life’s most important milestones. You spend all of your adult life working hard, building a career and now want to enjoy life at your own pace. As you approach retirement, you may have concerns about whether you have saved enough into your pension to support the lifestyle you want.

Once again, prevention is better than reaction, so if you are yet to draw your pension, now is the time to take financial advice. The earlier you plan for retirement, the more peace of mind you may gain.

We would use cash-flow modelling to determine how much wealth you will need to last a lifetime. We can help you organise your priorities in retirement such as supporting loved ones financially, travelling or caring for grandchildren.

If you are approaching key milestones in your life, now is the time to speak to us. Email us at info@resolvefs.co.uk or call 01932 943028.

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