Purchasing Property Near Electricity Pylons In The UK

We spoke with Steven Stone from Stone Survey this week to discuss the challenges of purchasing a property near power infrastructure. Here’s what he had to say…

“Buying property is a significant decision, and the location plays a huge role in making or breaking the final deal. Recently there have been concerns surrounding the close proximity of UK homes to power infrastructure, particularly relating to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by power substations and electricity pylons.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy often referred to as radiation, which are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting. They exist wherever there are power lines, appliances, cell phones, wireless devices, etc.

The perceived disadvantage of buying property near these entities is a potential devaluation in property value. Many homebuyers, wary of the possible health risks associated with EMF, are hesitant to purchase such homes, subsequently reducing their demand and value. 

Living near electrical infrastructure could expose inhabitants to EMF radiation.

Although the World Health Organization reports no confirmed adverse health effects from low level, long-term exposure, some studies suggest potential links to health issues including headaches, sleep disorders, and anxiety. The unconfirmed but much-talked-about health risks associated with EMF exposure cannot be overlooked while surveying property near power sources. 

Additionally, you should also be aware that electrical pylons and substations often detract from the pleasant view of a property. This can further discourage potential buyers, influencing property demand negatively.

In short, while property close to power infrastructure may offer affordability or strategic convenience, the perceived disadvantages, like potential EMF health risks, reduced property value, and aesthetic appeal, should definitely be given consideration in the purchase decision-making process.

Any local searches conducted by the solicitor and any presence of possible Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) noted by the surveyor, must therefore be flagged to the potential buyer as they may not be aware of these potential issues when buying a property close to a substation or overhead power lines.

I hope that this helps highlight some potential issues and if you have any queries with regards to EMF or anything else I am here to help.”

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